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Our mission is to be innovative

Welcome to Flower Mills Floral Design, where we believe that every flower arrangement should be as unique and extraordinary as the person receiving it.

We understand the frustration of ordering from online flower companies, only to be disappointed with something that looks nothing like what you envisioned. That’s why we are here to redefine your floral experience.

Tina Oxley-Mills
Company Owner

Why our store is different…

At Flower Mills Floral Design, we take pride in our commitment to deliver exceptional floral arrangements that exceed your expectations. Gone are the days of settling for generic bouquets that lack personality and creativity.

Our team of talented floral designers pour their heart and soul into each arrangement, ensuring that it is a true work of art.

Chanel Floral Arrangement by Flower Mills Floral Design

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Rozella Hessel

Lingerie Master

Gwen Thiel


Eloise Kuhic

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Our mission is to be effective and innovative one-stop-shop, offering the very best for our customers in terms of quality, style and beauty.

Tina Oxley-Mills

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